30 Weeks

We are well into Week 30 now, and I’m a 5’2″ lady growing a baby who is hugging the top of the growth charts.

In other words, I am huge.

FestBaby’s birthday is already scheduled, and the rest of this trimester will include various appointments to make sure we both stay healthy and get to that birth date with no issues. In the meantime, I try to stay off my feet, building pillow forts around me, and daydreaming of sleeping on my stomach again.


We got to FaceTime with Grandpa over the Easter weekend, chatting with him as he got ready for docent duty at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Ohio. At one point, as he was putting on his tie, a fellow volunteer passed him, saying he heard children, but couldn’t see any.

I snapped this screenshot as my Dad explain, “Oh, I’m just chatting with my grandkids in Germany on my phone.”

Modern technology at its best.