Sunday Funday

This morning, our cat Kiwi released a live, furious wasp into the bathroom where Martin was, um, sitting, and then ran out to let him deal with it alone.

It’s hard to read her facial expression, but I’m pretty sure she did that on purpose.

I heard the angry buzzing, and then “KIWI! Damn it!” I enjoyed listening to the sounds of a frantic attempt not to get stung while also yelling at the cat! He is very lucky I had all the kids re-stock the bathrooms. They were all running low on toilet paper just 24 hours ago.


While chatting with my mom Tawana last night, I learned she is certain that FestBaby is a boy.

Like, it’s a no-brainer for her.

When I asked her reason, “That’s just the way you do things. You’re going to have two girls, two boys.”

She’s got a 50 percent shot at being right!

I think it’s Martin’s influence. He’s very Libra, needing everything to be balanced.

Jaz thinks the same way. He’s begging for it to be a boy because “there are already enough girls around here.” We’re working through the “and if it’s not…” conversations.