Baby Test

Today’s appointment for FestBaby¬†confirmed a few things. It is healthy, I am healthy, and we are both cleared to go camping.

Also? This one may be taking after Martin’s side of the family: it will probably be taller than my oldest daughter when it is born. (Ha, ha! Sorry, Miss C.)

Because of the gestational diabetes, I now get to receive non-stress tests, which only proved that this baby is kicking all my organs all the time. ALL THE TIME.


This was the moment when I signed my life away to that kid sitting next to me! I remember feeling the pressure of getting my signature neat and eligible! I also recall having to re-do it because I began writing one of my names in the wrong place (first name as last name or something like that). I think that’s why Martin is leaning over so much to ensure I got it right!

Today is the 15th anniversary of our civil ceremony in Erlangen, Germany, the official date of our marriage in the books. We walked to a nearby park for portraits, grabbed some lunch, and then spent the rest of that day with a handful of family and friends, preparing our reception hall for the next day’s big celebration.