Easter 2017

I was pretty exhausted after my day out with the kids on Saturday, and ended up taking a five-hour late-afternoon nap, waking up in the quiet and dark with a flash of panic because I have done *NOTHING* to prepare the house for tomorrow. I rushed downstairs in the middle of the night to whip things together, but lo and behold, the Easter Bunny already arrived in the form of a big sister and nanny who stealthily ensured this home is hooked up with beautiful eggs and treats for all.

This was our Easter breakfast table! Martin made his annual pancake bunnies, to include a sugar-free version for me. He does both bunny faces or little bunny behinds. I was so excited about the sugar-free version. It stinks having to miss out on so many food that I enjoy, but to skip over some food traditions for our anniversary, Easter, my birthday … ugh.

After breakfast, the kids went outside to hunt for eggs. Fortunately, it stopped raining long enough for them to collect ALL the eggs. We even strapped the Go-Pro to the boy, to document his tactics for this year’s Easter Egg hunt. So much fun!