Out and About

There was a last-minute addition to “Julie & Jaz Day.” He requested his sister join us, so now it is “Mom & Middle Children Day.” We have the whole movie theater to ourselves!!!


The day before, Martin sent me this photo, insisting that┬áJaz merely asked for breakfast as they ran errands this morning, but I suspect someone got wind of our upcoming “Julie and Jaz Day” and is up’ing the game.





Also, yesterday, Miss C let me know she has an end-of-year formal dance coming up, and she asked to try on some of my “vintage” items.

She tried on two of my prom dresses, which are very simple and classic styles without screaming ’90s. Both items fit her perfectly (sigh), and both times, she went downstairs to show her Dad.

I don’t think he’s handling this well.

This being … his daughter is a teenager. LOL