Snow Day

Martin snapped this photo from the passenger seat as I drove into our village this morning. Winter has returned, covering our colorful fields and blossoms. It’s cold, too! 

In other news, today’s appointment with my doctor went very well. I was happy to learn that my efforts to control the gestational diabetes are working, and the baby continues to be healthy and seemingly unaffected by the GD. However, it refuses to let us get a good view of its face. No idea yet if it’s gonna be another one of my clones or Martin’s carbon copy.

Martin sat with me during the half-hour non-stress test, which I have to do every other week now. (That will soon change to a weekly test.) It was snowing pretty hard at the time, so that kept our attention for a bit. But then Martin noticed the baby was kicking around the fetal monitors. He thought it was me moving at first. Nope. That’s your future soccer player, dear.

And during the ultrasound, the doc was like, “Someone’s busy at work today, huh?” as FestBaby moved around, seemingly to avoid showing up on radar. As we drove home, Martin was like, “I’m kinda hoping this one is just a really calm, chill baby.”