All I Can See

Miss C is attending her middle school’s end-of-year formal dance this evening. It’s not Prom, but the girls wear fancy dresses and the boys wear suits and ties. Because we’re putting all the kids into German schools beginning this fall, this may be the only opportunity she experiences a formal dance, so we allowed her to ask an American friend from our village if he wants to come along as her date.

As she stood in front of me, putting on mascara (bottom pic), all I could see was her putting on my lip gloss as a two-year-old (top pic)!!!


And as you can see in this photo, too, Martin wasn’t too keen on all the glamour back then in 2005, either.

As he later pointed out, at least back then, he could do something about it…

It’s going to be a busy night for Miss C, and all after a busy day for Martin and me. I will share more soon!