Belly Buddy

I managed to be super stealthy the other night, and snap this photo of Kiwi napping next to me on the belly. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want anyone to know that she’s actually a sweet, affectionate cat.

This is the third pregnancy she’s experienced with me, and just like before, I often wake up to find her curled up with the belly, or kneading my chest, belly, or hips.

I was pregnant with Lola when we got Kiwi and her sister. They were a few weeks old, and small enough for me to drop into my shirt, onto the top of my belly and chest, where they slept like kangaroos.

I wonder if she remembers that, and if it’s a reason she returns to the same spot when I get to this point, as she normally hangs out and sleeps with the kids. Whatever it is, she definitely senses something about all this.


My oldest and I went thru my box of high school dance photos to find the dress she’s wearing later this week to her dance. Here it is! This was from April 1996, just before my 15th birthday. I attended Prom with my friend Robb, who later was a groomsman in my wedding. My daughter can’t get over how young I look here.