Doing My Duty

Here we are, buckled in for another doctor’s appointment.

I snapped this photo as he responded to email during my non-stress test.

Earlier, as I waited (and waited and waited) for the bathroom to become free so I could “fill the cup” after getting checked in, I pointed out that zee Germans aren’t always the most efficient.

“Look how long it takes for them to fill a cup!” I joked. “The American way is to get in and get done, especially if you know others are waiting.”

So, he did it: he timed how long I took, as well as zee other ladies after me. Their times? 1:41 min and 4:44 min.

I was just thrilled I wasn’t waiting to pee after the 4:44 lady. She was also very pregnant, so I get it … really, I do … but DAMN!

I only took 58 seconds. AND that included wiping down the sink.

Martin was impressed.

It’s moments like these when I lean over to my husband and whisper, “This is why we won the war(s).”