He’s Got Jokes.

My son declared he’s not going to tell any jokes anymore. “They’re mean,” he explained, “and I can get in trouble at school.”

Me: “Not all jokes are mean! I can teach you some. Let’s try it. Knock, knock.”


Me: “Knock, knock.”

Jaz: “Nobody’s home.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll try next door. Knock, knock.”


Me: “Hello? I said, KNOCK, KNOCK.”

Jaz: “That guy’s not home either. But maybe one more?”

Me: “Okay. I’ll try the last house. Knock, knock.”


Jaz: “You’re not having a good day with the neighbors, are you?”

This kid, dude. He’s got jokes.

For years and years, it’s been his dad setting me up for stuff like that. Now I gotta watch out for this one, too!