Nice Bow

My coworker lost a bet, and is now wearing a giant red-and-white polka dot Minnie Mouse bow here at the office. Because we are located in the attic of a building with no elevators, we RARELY get visitors. We can go FOR WEEKS without anyone coming up to see us.

But guess who just got an official visitor?? And he totally talked to her like her hairbow is completely normal … didn’t even bat an eye. Hahahahahahahaha!


At this moment, Wynter is on her way back to the United States to visit her family. She’s been with us for six months now, officially recognized by zee Germans as our au pair. But she’s actually my lifesaver, and we will be feeling her absence while she’s gone! (She’ll return in a few weeks.) It’s going to be a busy summer for all of us, so you have to send her back, Stacey. I’m not even kidding…you *have* to send her back.

Safe travels, Wynter! Let’s hope you don’t get beat down, made to piss in a cup, detained, or your cell phone taken by officials when you land home!!! Be sure to tag me on any social media if that happens. I know people.