There For the Work

(Photo from December)


At today’s appointment, my doctor mentioned that Martin is the only dad amongst her patients who comes to nearly every appointment. Like most of my other appointments, Martin accompanied me.

He napped in a chair across from the bed where I was monitored during a non-stress test (no judging – I dozed off, too), and he watched intently during the ultrasound, asking questions as the doctor took measurements of FestBaby’s head, stomach, and heart.

That’s when the doctor made her observation.

“If it is the first child, I see the dads often in the beginning, but then it tapers off. The second child, I see the dad maybe once for the gender ultrasound, if at all. It is great you come, even when this is your fourth.”

To which I said, “Well, he was around for the fun part of this business. He needs to be here for the work, too!”

All joking aside, it was nice to hear Martin get a shout-out from the doc, and to be reminded how lucky we ALL are to have him. He’s always done his best to show up for the work, to be an involved parent at every step of the way.

That’s just who he is, and he genuinely gets confused when such commitment gets pointed out. In his mind, other than work requirements or some other legit reason, why wouldn’t he attend these appointments? In his mind, this is simply what dads do.

And I love that these kids know nothing else.