Family and a Face Plant

Martin’s brother is here with his girls, so there are 9.5 people in the house at this very moment. And I love it. The noise. The energy. Air mattresses and blankets everywhere. And there will be even more visitors coming thru in the weeks and months ahead.

Love having so many of my favorite people around me.

These two teens will take a combined 300 selfies a day, but when I want a photo, O.M.G!!!!! (Miss C insists she was just mimicking her cousin.) I like the Greek statue photobombing behind my niece, peeking out like, “Hey, now. What’s your deal? You gonna smile for this one?”

This is a hazy picture of Martin and his brother trying to photograph Saturn with our telescope. I get such a kick watching them and my niece react to things we can see. So far, we saw the moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, a bunch of satellites, and a few shooting stars.

Also, this girl came home from a gymnastics birthday party today, sporting a new bruise on her face. Apparently, she nailed a Perfect 10-point trampoline landing…on her face. Good thing we have absolutely nothing going on this week that’s going to be excessively documented with photos and videos! Love my girl and her gusto.

And because our life isn’t exciting enough, Martin got a flat tire while running errands with our oldest this morning. The next hour was a scramble as we swapped kids, cars, tires, plans. At one point, I had all three kids in the same car with me as we sat parked behind Martin, waiting for him to finish changing the tire. As I snapped this photo of the kids in the backseat — something I’ve done a thousand times as our kid-cargo grew over the years — it dawned on me that this will be the last time I can look in the rearview mirror and see all my kids in the same frame…at least in this car.