Father’s Day Weekend

I found it a wonderful, happy coincidence that the weekend we brought Junior home was Father’s Day weekend. Doesn’t Father’s Day look good on Martin? (It does.)

Obviously, things were very low-key. It was all about getting settled in with a newborn in the house.

Never underestimate the soothing effect of a good face smoosh.
Family paparazzi.

Miss C already started the baby’s scrapbook. Her bedroom floor is covered in scrapbook supplies. And Lola has been creating short little videos of the baby, too, with captions and special effects. I really am lucking out here when it comes to family documentation!

“Dad, why did you marry Mom?”

“A green card.”

“Mom!!! Did you hear Dad?! That can’t be true!”

“No, no, it’s okay. I married your Dad because he makes some awesome chicken fajitas.”

The kids have been on this kick lately asking about our relationship: how we met, our ages, about anniversaries, etc. Good thing I have most of that documented already because at this stage, the answers vary!!


Big Sister couldn’t hold it together when he showed us once again that his selfie game is so on point.