Made It

We made it to June! And I finally got a “bump photo” with Martin in it.

This week, I’ve had my final medical appointments, and tomorrow is my last day at work. This was the time when I went into labor with my son three weeks before his due date, so we’re all kinda holding our breath, hoping to stick to schedule this time.

Nevertheless, like one of those fish that only grows to the size of the bowl, FestBaby’s growth has levelled out and the most it can do is wiggle and roll. There’s no more room!

And I’ve been breathing weird and randomly ignoring people during those awesome Braxton-Hicks contractions. (FYI: those are highly effective cues for others to wrap up a meeting.) If I was a cat, I would probably be curled up in a closet or under a porch to wait things out, but alas, I will use next week to get things ready for what will be a crazy summer … or I will just sleep a lot.

Either way, we’re getting close.



Cute outfit and braids? Check.

Monkey earrings? Check.

Hat and sunblock? Check and check.

Okay, I think you are ready for a field-trip to the zoo…WAIT! Gotta get a pic of this adorableness! 🙂