Master Builder

My son and his buddies at school built that block column yesterday. From here on out, he’s responsible for setting up our IKEA furniture.

I felt like Forest Gump when Martin showed me these pictures. “You mean, he’s smaht? And not…like me?”

Speaking of pictures, we also got our son’s school portraits. I love so many things about them, but I think the thing I adore most is that cowlick in the back. Yeah, he looks like me, but that swirl of hair peeking up behind him is 100% from his Dad.

If you look at some of the girls’ school portraits, you can tell which years I knew about picture day, and which years I did not because they were wearing pajama tops or stained/torn shirts, or their hair was a hot mess, or you can reasonably assume nobody washed their faces that morning. With Jaz, I’ve never been concerned because he’s so particular about his appearance!


When you love something, you name it. This is my new Koenic air conditioner. I’m calling her Nicky. She has wheels, and will be my loyal companion this summer. Don’t be surprised if I start taking a lot of selfies with her. I’m in love.