Pre-Op Prep

1:14 p.m. – Kinda hard to check in for a *scheduled* pre-op/registration appointment at the hospital when NOBODY shows up for work. Someone yelled out from an office that we will be seen soon, but it is a ghost town. I made Martin smile for the picture. Can you tell he’s super proud of German customer service?

Lunch. The admins were out to lunch. Yea!!!!

2:24 p.m. – Me: “Martin, I am getting hangry. Like, super starving. I need to eat.”

Martin: “Didn’t they recommend you NOT eat?”

Me: “Didn’t they tell us to be here at 1 pm for our appointment?”

Damn, that fruit tart was delicious. I knew there wouldn’t be an issue. The fasting begins the night before, not for this. We had to wait for the admin folks to return from THEIR lunch before we could check in and get some of our own … I was ready to STUFF MY FACE! And I did!

2:58 p.m. – We made it past the gatekeepers! It’s a whole new world behind those doors. Super attentive nurses who wasted no time strapping me in and taking my blood!

5:47 p.m. – Annnnnnd we are done!!! We are all set to show up next week and welcome FestBaby! However, this guy has had ENOUGH of me for today. Apparently, my humor and self-deprecation wasn’t appreciated during our chat with the anesthesiologist.

Apparently, zee Germans don’t like optimistic responses when reading off a list of possible risks. And apparently, shouting out “Well, then, we will get me a wheelchair!” is not acceptable when learning about possible paralyzation.

It was sooooo awkward. The anaesthesiologist was UBER professional, but struggling with his English, and I was trying to put him at ease by cracking the jokes in German to show I understood everything, and that I was cool with what he was telling me.

Apparently, this only flustered him more because, according to Martin, most people — German OR American — DO NOT respond to the news that there’s a small risk of DEATH with a laugh and “Man, that’s a bummer!”


11:39 p.m. – I think Martin’s forgiven me for my hospital comedy routine because he just helped me twist together about 100 pairs of lollipops. Both girls mentioned they would like to pass out “baby announcement” candy to their friends at school. “Like cigars, but not cigars,” they said.

So, I found these lollipops, some pink and blue ribbon, and decided they can tie on the appropriate color once we know. I figure with only one baby to hold, but four visitors (including Wynter), there’ll be plenty of downtime at the hospital for idle kids to be kept busy!


He came barreling into our bedroom in his Spiderman pajamas (with wings!), his eyes barely open, asking if he could sleep with us.

There’s been an uptick of these requests lately, which isn’t unexpected given what I know about kids and upcoming changes. And to be honest, I’ve always been a sucker for letting the kids join us if needed. So I don’t mind it. But I hate to break it to him that the peace and quiet he finds here won’t remain for much longer!!

Pretty sure he’s soon going to decide his calm, little bedroom isn’t so bad after all!