TBT: Young Love

This weekend marks the 18th anniversary of the day I met Martin. I met him shortly after arriving in Germany as an exchange student. I was 18 years old. These #TBT photos are from later that summer in 1999 when he visited me in Ohio.

Even I’m annoyed by how cutesy we were in them. Some things I find amusing, though?

1) Martin had more hair than I did at the time.

2) Our oldest is just four years away from being that age. *gulp*

3) I mean, really…that bowl cut.

4) That I’ve known Martin for half my life now!

5) That these two kids are just days away from downloading Kid #4. Whaaaaaaaaat?!


One of my final university classes kicked off this evening. I waddled into the room, and was asked if I’m smuggling in another student. The professor was totally cool when I mentioned I will miss class next week.

But of course, my assignments will be turned in on time!