The Final Test

I spent another 2 a.m. “energy burst” this morning with FestBaby¬†and a housekeeping magazine, debating if I should add more bold patterns in my life. Because I can never do minor subtle changes, can I?


We brought the boy with us to our final non-stress test. He agrees that FestBaby’s heartbeat sounds like a galloping race horse. I wonder what sort of visual that creates in his mind! Speaking of visuals, it’s validating to see these “fake” contractions spiking up all over the monitor. Proof that they hurt like a bitch!!!

In other news, there was another American mama-to-be in the clinic. She took exactly a minute. Proud of my fellow patriot.

After a quick haircut,¬†Jaz headed out to his first sleepover at a friend’s house. Packed his own bag, and told me he’ll be in touch if he needs me. This kid cracks me up.

His friend’s mom texted us. They watched movies, built a fort, searched for Pokemon. He had a great time!