Let’s Pretend

The view is so lovely, I’m pretending I’m on a cross-country train instead of strapped into the backseat of our car with three hungry children and a grandpa with indigestion.

Sweet Smile

He flashed me a — no kidding — big, toothless, eye-crinkling smile as I talked to him just now. I grabbed the camera and asked for another, but got this knowing little expression instead.

Just the beginning of a lifetime of smiles and joy for him, I hope. Such a gift to see this little human’s personality emerge more and more each day.

Dancing in the Living Room

Martin caught us dancing to some Glenn Miller Orchestra this morning. My dance partner steps on my feet and sometimes loses count, but it’s always on my mind that one day, he’s going to tower over me and he will be the one to lead and twirl me around.

Here’s hoping he’ll still feel like dancing with Mom every now and then when the big bands play.

That One Stitch

Two things I learned yesterday:

1) When the German nurses tell you the remaining stitch is just “a little one” … do not believe them.

2) If you want to freak out your husband, show him the six inches of surgical “fishing wire” you tugged out of your naval because you were sick of it getting snagged on your clothing.

Little stitch, my ass. Continue reading