Camping in the Alps

This is what I like to see: a smiling, sweaty, somewhat dirty, sun-kissed kid having the time of his life. He went swimming, hiking, playing, and exploring a salt mine today. This mountain air is so good for him.

We survived our first night camping in the Bavarian Alps! Yes, we are camping with a newborn and senior citizen!!!! We *are* spoiled living only a few hours from these views!

The last few rays before the sun dips behind the mountains.
My view during breakfast. Not pictured: the baby, who is asleep next to me.

What da *^#! is this on my chair?!?! Seth Brundle Jr.?!?!?!?

I know now that it is a horsefly. I’m so glad my instinct was to recoil and take a picture!!

I made a joke about my dad being the senior citizen on this trip, but if we consider dog years, Patches der Hund is the oldest one in our group. But she’s still proving to be an eager traveler at 11+ years old. Taking it easy, enjoying the peace with our sweet “old lady.”