Fourth of July

We were at the hospital last week when the Fourth of July rolled around. Obviously, it’s an American holiday, and the Germans don’t do anything to observe it. But the Americans do! There are usually festive events on the local military installations, and we try to do something fun at home, too.

But this year was shaping to be a bust due to the circumstances. Neither Martin and I were in any place to put something together for the kids.

Nevertheless, when I got home from the hospital that evening, I was greeted in the driveway by Lola and Jaz, who were sooooo excited to tell me about the time Dolly Madison saved Washington’s portrait when the British torched the White House in 1814.

Confused, I asked how they knew about that story.

As it turned out, the kids were all sitting outside around our fire pit with Wynter and Oma, sharing all the American history stories they know.

The whole day, I was feeling bummed this holiday was a bust for the older kids (especially since we are ALL limiting our interaction with others for the time being), but unbeknownst to me, Wynter and Miss C orchestrated a whole day full of fun stuff for the Middles and Oma.

There was a scavenger hunt for patriotic things around the house.

There were other games.

They hung our flag in the living room.

They grilled hot dogs and kebabs.

And finally…s’mores and setting up the tent for overnight. I arrived home just in time: they found the marshmallows, but no graham crackers for the s’mores. Oma was amazed when I pulled out our chocolate-covered Leibniz butter biscuits. I explained that while we may run out of milk, eggs, and bread, we will ALWAYS have the goods for s’mores. It’s the American way.

Oh, and they lit the sparklers Miss C found in our basement…the same ones left over from my wedding reception 15 years ago. (See? Saving everything is good thing! Ha!)

I was so amazed by it all. And grateful. Shout-out to Wynter, especially, for mowing the lawn and rolling with everything the past few days, for turning a bust into something really beautiful. I know my kids aren’t going to forget this.

The Middles and their Oma enjoying a round of Patriotic Bingo. This cracks me up. I wonder who won?!