A Day at Europa Park

We are EXHAUSTED this evening!!! We took our first family vacation with my cousin and her family since they moved to Germany last week!

We don’t waste time.

We met up near Europa Park  into the Black Forest, not far from the village where our great-great grandfather grew up before leaving for America. There were six adults and seven children sharing an apartment. Junior got a ton of attention. I love this.

We all got up super early Saturday and headed to the amusement park. Here are some photos from our day.

“Go take a photo in those shoes, Grandpa! Nobody’s gonna photobomb you.”
Take the wheel, dudette!!!
Cousins = instant best friends
Quick! Take a picture before the others find us!!!!
They needed one more adult so they could all go on the big roller coaster rides.

I am so happy we created many great memories today. My cousin Holli and I were talking about all the times we went out with our group of cousins/siblings, to parks and museums.

And now our kids are doing the same. So grateful we can continue such get-togethers, even here in Europe.