He’s completely out of newborn sizes, and check out that head balance!!!

Meanwhile, my oldest came in and yelled at me because I allowed The Middles to eat birthday cake for breakfast. Dang, they grow up so fast!

Grandpa asked if we could visit the air base where he was stationed more than 40 years ago. How could we say no to that? We respect our elder and honor his service! So, I found a campsite, packed our bags, and with Martin, spent about five hours packing our car for seven people to camp comfortably all weekend. I’m currently sharing the back seat with my four kids, pillows, blankets, and bags.

Less than one hour into our four-hour drive, we hit a stau. Someone gets impatient.

“You know, we can just cancel this trip…”

Hell no, old man!! This is how we roll in Germany!! You will sit in this car and you will LOVE it!!!

PS – Back in my day, that same old man made us pee in a bucket seat in the back of our minivan because he didn’t want to stop during our 18-hour trips to Texas!