Camping Food & Fun

We got to the campsite late and had to set everything up in a hurry… and in the dark. Then, around 1 a.m., a major thunderstorm rolled over and all I could do was laugh and laugh and laugh.

I woke up with the baby around 6 a.m, and everyone was still sleeping and snoring. Meanwhile, I had the baby, church bells, and the sound of an occasional barge floating past us on the Mosel. Life is good…and damp.

But good.

We grilled sausages, red cabbage, and bean & cheese quesadillas for dinner while the family in the tent next to us ate boiled eggs, cucumbers, and sliced tomatoes. They also silently watched us yell at our kids, burn ourselves, and yell at our kids some more.

Then, as we loaded up our sticks with marshmallows, Martin invited the neighbors to make s’mores with us. The dad declined as he handed his kids cups of plain yogurt. His family is probably gonna live longer than us, but at least we had s’mores!

They were Germans, and appeared very well-traveled. They were all riding their bikes with gear from Metz, France to Koblenz, Germany. About 150 miles!!!

(Pretty sure those kids wished they had s’mores, though! I saw their faces…)

Our spot on the Mosel River. One tent this time. Wynter and Patches stayed home, so we all fit in this one.

A slow, rainy morning.

The breakfast scene.

“Mom, are those the pants Aunt Jill sent you?”
“Are the younger three tucked into bed already?”
“Is that hot cocoa in your cup?”
“Can I have some?”
“Because it’s wine?”


This is where we explored today: the Porta Nigra in Trier, Germany. The Roman Empire built this “black gate” to protect their most northern city.
Exploring some Roman ruins. Some of us are more enthusiastic than others.