A New Look

Ah, the changes motherhood makes on a body! For weeks, my hair has been falling out by the fistful. A common postpartum occurrance, but it’s also made worse by the temporary birth control I’m using for the next few months.

Oh, you didn’t know that hair loss is a known side effect of the depo shot? Oh, yes. It is. You can visit my bedroom and bathroom for evidence, if you want. It’s an alarming thing, lathering your hair in the shower and feeling your hair just slide off your scalp into your hands. I was aware of that side effect as much as one can be as they skim the list of side effects when deciding whether or not to take a medication.

Apparently, hair loss such as mine *only* happens to 10 percent of women who use it, but of course, I’m part of that group.

I’ve been assured that it will grow back once the shot wears off. By that point, Martin’s procedure *ahem* will be done, and I will never have to worry about birth control, or see what these fake hormones are doing to my body, ever again. I just have to wait a few months, but until then, I’ve elected to shed it in another way…

The new look. It already got called a “mom cut” by a colleague. Lots of short layers. Lots of bangs to hide the fact my hairline is competing with my husband’s at the moment. Sure, it’s postpartum hormones causing it, but I think it’s a little bit of my competitive nature, too.

It will never look this fantastic again. I don’t have the patience and skill to get it to look as straight and perfect as it does right now, but my stylist cut it so that I can blow-dry it like crazy, and my natural waves will give it some flip and movement.

I got good feedback about my hair, but there was really only one inspection that mattered. I think I passed.

So, next stop? The BX to pick up some faded, high-waisted jeans* because that ish is in style again. I’m owning this mom look.

*I’m joking.

**Photo taken in my parked car because taking selfies while driving is dumb.


Grandpa Larry is back home in the United States, safe and sound, and probably already down for a much-deserved nap after a summer with these four!