A New School Year

In Germany, it is tradition to give first graders a paper cone filled with treats on the first day of school. My girls aren’t first graders, but they start German school this morning, so we presented them with cones, too.

All new people. New campus. New teachers. New subjects.

Everything in German, all the time.

They are nervous, but excited. And so brave!  I’m sentimental ALL THE TIME, but this year, and this change, is really getting me in the heartstrings.

They are really so grown up now. *sniffle*

We decided to have the girls “repeat” their previous grades, because German kids learn subjects on an earlier timeline than Americans. In America, students don’t start learning multiplication, division, and geometry until the third or fourth grade.

In Germany, they begin in the second grade.

In America, most students don’t begin learning a second language until high school.

In Germany, students must learn French, English, and German WHILE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL in order to progress into the Gymnasium (or college prep-version of high school). Miss C knows English and German, of course, but has had no exposure to French.

So, Miss C began Class 8 while Lola began Class 2.

If they do well and feel ready for it, they can move up a class (or two) later on in the school year, but for now, we are just hoping for a smooth transition with the German language.

In addition to the paper cone, we got Lola a German book for the other kids to fill out (fave colors, fave food, etc.) in case she runs out of German things to say to them.

Something tells me she really won’t have any issues making friends, though!

Miss C already knows a few of the German kids from our neighborhood, as well as a few fellow Americans who live nearby and go to the German school, too. So she’ll have some familiar faces in her classes.

At least she’s not going to TOTALLY stand-out as the gorgeously adorable new girl with the American accent, right?!

Challenges are surely ahead, but I know my ladies will do great!