Did You Notice?

As Martin got the baby ready for the day yesterday, he asked if I noticed that our 3-month-old only fits in 6-month-old clothing now.

Of course I noticed.



According to my sources, after her first swim class today, Miss C was standing with the other students when the swim instructor pointed her out and sternly called over the chatter to her in German. Miss C briefly assumed she was being chastised for the vintage bathing suit I gave her, but then the instructor switched over to English.

“YOU! Your diving technique is fantastic. From now on, you will dive from THERE (pointing to the diving block high above the pool), and we will¬†work together to make you better while the rest do their belly flops.”

Miss C: 1
Au pair who suspected as much after spending all summer at the pool with the kids: 0.5
Clueless Parents: 0