First Grade

This handsome boy began the first grade today! Of course, he got a giant cone full of treats! It’s called a Schultüte, and is usually filled with candy and whatever school supplies can fit in there. I’ve seen REALLY huge ones that have ALL the school supplies in there. It’s normally just for first-graders, but we gave ’em to the girls, too, for their first day ever of German school.

And yeah, that’s a  poo keychain.

He’s also attending a new school with new kids, but he is totally cool about it.

Martin attended the school’s welcome ceremony for the first graders, and sent me a bunch of photos throughout the hours-long event. They make a HUGE deal about first grade, and the older kids perform skits and songs for the new students. Apparently, a bunch of third-graders rode around on unicycles and walked on giant balls. And then at the end, all the first graders walked through an archway, officially entering first grade.

I’m so proud of him, and can’t believe he is so grown up!


German students use grid and blank paper instead of ruled. Folders and ring binders only have two holes. Subjects are color-coordinated, too, so our American supplies are no good for a variety of reasons.

Since the first week of school is used for introductions and organizing, it wasn’t critical for our students to have all this ahead of time. And Martin knew everything would be on sale after school started. His shopping spree tonight did not disappoint.

Not only did Martin save a lot of €uros, but now he’s busy labelling and organizing. He’s feeling like a champ!!!