Friday Night Family Festing

We went to Fest together as a family this year.

All six of us. (Plus our au pair.) As I shared the photos online, I braced myself for the feedback.

As you may recall, Martin and I went by ourselves last year. I received tickets to have dinner and a few drinks in one of the beer tents, which can get pretty crazy, so we left the kids at home and had ourselves a festive date night.

Of course, we shared posts on social media throughout the night. We keep things family friendly around here, but as you can imagine, there was laughter.

There was beer. There was lederhosen. That dirndl and bloomers.

As the night wore on, there were jokes. Oh, the jokes!

And then we went about our lives the next day, a little extra dehydrated.

And la-dee-dah, things were moving along when several weeks later, we learned I was expecting, and knowing that people could very easily do the math, we embraced our good fortune, and shared the wonderful news about my pregnancy with FestBaby … now known as Junior.

So, of course, going to Fest THIS year was going to be our first time back, and I knew the jokes were going to come.

And they did.

And we embraced it, dressing up Junior in his very own baby lederhosen.

And to my complete surprise, I was literally able to squeeze into one of my dirndl’s again. (Last year’s dress remained in the closet.)ย Getting into this dirndl was truly a group effort. Shout out to the young ladies in my life who will tug, pull, and tuck me into shape.

And to think just 15 weeks ago, it looked like I was carting around a watermelon in there…

These are some photos from our night at the Fest.

It’s not so easy to take a group pic now that there are six of us. But I do like how we unintentionally formed a heart.
Can you see the girls?
He was happily surprised to discover that his turtle vehicle could go up!
I pointed out that back in the day, he was so excited to buy a heart with a sweet message for me. He said, “Well, YEAH! I was only buying ONE back then. Not FIVE!” I responded: “Well, you buying that one led you to here, buying for five, sooooooo…” ๐Ÿ’™โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ
He was not fazed by the Haunted House.
Fest from above.
On the Ferris wheel, working through various levels of anxiety.
He fested and fested, but decided to snooze on the Ferris wheel.
Took a shortcut behind the beer tents, and found where everyone apparently goes to throw up or make-out. Used the opportunity to be a walking public health warning…