Student Parents

Martin and I are enrolled in the same university class. Same homework deadline tonight. Same attention-seeking baby genius who insists on being a chatterbox this evening. At least it seems he’s trying to give us the answers, doesn’t it?

“Mom’s probably going to get an A.”

“I hear Mom’s been doing some type of marketing for nearly 20 years now.”

“Does it normally take you this long to write an essay?” 

“Is that really the best verb you could have used in that sentence?”

Shortly after I snapped this, we handed him over to the family’s first baby genius chatterbox so we could focus. There’s no question Miss C can keep up with him while we finish these essays!

We finally wrap up our school work with minutes to spare, and THAT is when this little man decides he is done for the night. Chatting so much really puts a drain on those newly-discovered vocal cords.