The Strike

Did you know that babies can go on strike? Oh, yeah. They can. It’s called a “nursing strike” and it’s exactly that: a refusal to nurse. Usually done between 3-8 months, and in response to a change.

Like, Mom returning to work, for example.

This little gentleman is on strike. No picket line, but definitely protesting. Negotiations went nowhere. I invited an ombudsman (older sister Loaa) to come in, and sing and cajole her brother to nurse for a little while. It worked.

We are all exhausted, though.

I’m able to pump during the work day, and so I have that to maintain the supply. It’s annoying to have to pump at home, too, though. He and I were staring at each other as I set it up tonight.

“It doesn’t have to be this way!” I told him.

And he was like, “I rule this house.”

My sources tell me these strikes only last a few days, and shouldn’t hurt production (🐄), but wow! He is undoubtedly our most laid-back baby, but I got a glimpse, and can tell you this sweet boy is DEFINITELY one of ours: stubborn and tenacious.