Family Four-Eyes

We are the family four-eyes. Partners in crime who are kinda blind.

Not only did Lola and Jaz inherit my stunning good looks, but they also inherited my vision. Or lack thereof.  Permanent eyeglasses for Lola now. Jaz’s sight is okay at the moment, but he’ll need ’em down the road, too.

Fortunately, she could keep her beloved purple frames, but with new lenses.

She was shocked when she put them on. “Whoa! Everything is so clear and popping out!” She didn’t realize things were getting fuzzy, and that her reading glasses weren’t cutting it anymore. We didn’t realize it either. Learn from our parenting fail: stay on top of those eye exams if you have little ones, and especially if poor vision runs in the family!

I’m sorry, kiddos. Here’s to a lifetime of awesome eyeglasses, a pocket full of glass wipes, and the eventual morning and nightly ritual of jabbing yourself in the eyes and toting around contact lens solution. Good luck.

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