Slow Down

Another morning of seven people going in 20 different directions as fast as possible. According to my planner, we have down time scheduled in February. Until then, I take photos like this (from the weekend) to capture those fleeting moments when we can slow down and catch our breath and some Zzzzzzzs. 

I thought the hand-holding was pretty cute. I told Junior, “Your arm is gonna fall asleep like that,” but he just stared back at me like, “So?”


Somehow, I did NOT get the memo about my son’s picture day. But nevertheless, he was prepared. As he explained to me, he keeps a tie in his book bag for special occasions. This photo … it DOES look like it belongs on the back of a book jacket!

This is all Jaz, and has been since he was old enough to voice his opinion about his wardrobe. I wasn’t able to put an outfit together myself until my late 20s when Pinterest came around to help me. And Martin just never thought much about clothes: if he can fit into it, and there aren’t any holes, it’s fine.