Moving Day(s)

It snowed when we moved into our rental house nearly three years ago, so yeah…this is fine.

This is going to be an insanely busy weekend for us as we move into our new house. After months of preparation, things are finally happening. But no matter how organized and streamlined we’ve tried to make this process, it’s going to be nothing but chaos for us for awhile.

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Lucky Person

We finally got the keys to our new house! But things didn’t go as planned.  First, we sat more than hour in the red glow of brake lights as traffic paralyzed the area. As a passenger, I was fighting some serious impatience. I SHOULD BE PAINTING!!!!!

And then we showed up to that the family before us cleared the house and garage…and left the shit on our front porch. Martin and I were avoiding each other so we didn’t spill the rage.

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A Good Wingman

An entire wall display featuring my bro-in-law’s gingerbread in the American commissary.


As I drove into work this morning, I saw two young men (barely in their 20s) in a small work truck, hauling a trailer full of greenery away from a construction zone. While at a red light, I watched as they stopped where a flower stand was set up, and the passenger popped out to buy a small bouquet of pink roses. His driver leaned over and yelled something, and the passenger picked up a small card, too. He hopped back into the truck, his driver high-fived him, and then they drove off as the young man wrote something in the card.

I like to think I witnessed someone being a good wingman and helping his buddy get on someone’s good side.

Coffee Love

We are drowning in paperwork and signatures and appointments. The family who lived in the new house left the country and a house full of junk, waiting until the last DAY to get it removed, meaning we do not get a head start on cleaning and painting after all.

I’m about to play hostess to more than two dozen relatives for Thanksgiving and Martin sent this coffee in with my daughter just before our hair appointment last night.

So I guess that means everything is gonna be alright.

Doozy Week Ahead

This week is gonna be a doozy. Not only is there work and school, but we are packing. We are painting. We are moving. And we are hosting about 25 relatives for our biggest Thanksgiving feast ever. We are optimistic, but I think the baby is a realist. He knows his parents [*ahem*his mother] are a glutton for punishment!

Martin’s taken off work for the next two weeks and will be the family pack mule/work horse while I call in the honey-do list from the comfort of my office swivel chair.