Moving Day(s)

It snowed when we moved into our rental house nearly three years ago, so yeah…this is fine.

This is going to be an insanely busy weekend for us as we move into our new house. After months of preparation, things are finally happening. But no matter how organized and streamlined we’ve tried to make this process, it’s going to be nothing but chaos for us for awhile.

For example, today’s menu: fish sticks, half a bag of frozen strawberries, eight types of salad dressing, leftover Cool Whip from a can, half a cucumber, a semi-thawed pack of wurst, and each kid has to drink their own carton of milk because I’m not hauling this stuff to the new house.

Oh, and a box of Hamburger Helper.

At some point in the afternoon, though, the baby had a blow-out, needed a bath, and all I could find were some fuzzy pajamas, and then he wouldn’t let me put him down for a nap by himself, so I was like, “I’ll just rub his back here for a second,” and then three hours later, we both woke up and most of the top floor is packed and hauled away, everyone else is dead tired, but in the meantime, the baby and I are super wired and energetic, and we’re gonna paint the whole house TONIGHT!