The Birthday Girl

A few weeks ago, I heard someone playing arpeggios on our piano. It was Lola.

“How do you know those?” I asked her.

As it turned out, a few weeks before, she took it upon herself to approach her music school’s piano teacher and request lessons after her violin time. This girl is also doing sooooo well at school. She didn’t have German language lessons like her big sister, nor did she attend German kindergarten like her little brother. I was nervous for her, but she just dove in, trying her best to improve her German, using her humor to make friends.

And yeah, she will not hesitate throwing down an armpit fart challenge.

I can not believe she is 9 years old now.

I am so proud of her bravery, her energy, and her giant, gooey heart.

Happy Birthday, little lady! We love you!