Building Business

We had closets and built-in storage in our rental, thanks to its American builders. Our new house, though, has none of that. And now we’ve reached a point in our unpacking where nothing more can be done without more shelves and wardrobes.

So we were back at THAT store this evening. They know us by our first names here.

And for the first time ever in our experience, one of the packages had a missing part! Fortunately, it’s just the kids’ play table. Only four legs in the box when there should be five. Toys will remain scattered on the floor for yet another night.


Now that teething is underway, I’m thankful I don’t remember my own baby teeth ripping through my gums.


True story: I still have one baby tooth. The adult tooth never formed above it, and the roots have lasted all this time. I also only had three wisdom teeth, and one is so awkwardly slanted near my sinus cavity, they just left it up in there and took the other two while I was heavily medicated. Recovery wasn’t great, but all in all, I like to think I skipped out on adult teething!

Every single dentist I’ve ever visited so far (civilian, military, and German) delighted in pointing it out. “Oh, did you know you’ve got a baby tooth?!”