Family Room Finally

Night shift nursing duty

It was another night of nurse duty for me. Fortunately, Jaz’s breathing is responding to the meds, but I feel so bad that the poor kid can’t just have a normal cold, and be soothed with some vapo-rub, chicken soup, and cherry-flavored cough syrup.

Asthma’s a bitch.

In other news, Martin and I are about to start painting our family room.

I’ve been avoiding this room at all costs. The whole thing was a DIY project for the last family, to include DIY wiring of cables and wires still hanging all over the place.

We plan on re-doing the space down the road — new flooring, removing the uneven trim and all the cables/wires, restoring the original doorframe, etc. — but we need the space now, so we’re painting.

I’m already feeling tension as Martin critiques my taping abilities because he still wants perfection and I just wanna be done.

Send us positive vibes.