Martin the Machine

This man is a machine. The past week has been intense. Driving here and there. Cleaning. Carrying boxes. Moving furniture. Painting. Repairing. Handling all the finances and endless paperwork. Digging out clothes and shoes and whatever else the rest of us need to get thru our day. And even though he’s technically on leave, he’s still assisting his clients. I know he’s exhausted. But there he was, in our dining room/warehouse, writing an essay for his university class just after helping the kids with their homework (which still takes tremendous effort as they learn in German) and getting ’em off to bed.

He’s carried a lot on those shoulders lately, and when I started gushing about it to him, he was like, “Can you wait with that? Crunchin’ on a deadline…” 

I love this man and his work ethic! 


Speaking of work … I looked at the clock to note the time: 2:10 p.m. Two hours later (or so it seemed), I looked at the clock, and it was only 2:25 p.m.

I am in a pile of emails, admin duties, and other fun professional taskings! This day is moving so sloooooooooow. I need coffee.