Moving Day(s) and Echoes

The oldest was in charge of the boys as Martin and I cleaned the rental today. Lola spent most of the day over at her bestie’s house for one more sleepover. Everything echoed as we emptied the rooms.

Here it is!!! First picture from inside the new house!!!! Isn’t it lovely? Can’t you just relax in a space like this? And that view! So much snow! Seriously, though…shout out to Martin for busting his ass nonstop for four days straight. He’s earned a spa day.

Somehow, this will all find it’s place and it won’t look like a disaster zone. Not now. But soon.


Meanwhile, the baby is obsessed with this pull-toy that plays music.

He’s got an entire lullaby playlist of his faves ready and available on demand on every one of our cell phones. You think he’s interested? Not. A. Bit.

At full stretch, it sings for about 60 seconds. He whines when it ends. So I stretch it. It sings.

It stops. He whines. Repeat.

I need to find one that stretches for an hour.