My Good Deed for the Day

Good deed goofiness. (Pic from June 2014)

I went shopping on the American base last Tuesday.

The customer lines at the Exchange extended deep into the toiletries aisles as I walked toward the store exit. Even the “10 Items or Less” lane had 15 customers waiting to pay.

Clutching my shopping bags, with my paid receipt long and obvious in my grip, I approached a weary-looking father and his teenage daughter in the middle of the first line.

Eyeing their two shampoo bottles and toilet paper, I leaned in and whispered, “There is no line back in customer service.” I had just been back there. Customer service had four empty registers and four workers waiting for business.

He looked down at my bags, saw my receipt, and I have to say, the wave of relief and joy on his face is something I will never forget.

As he and his daughter stepped out of line, and headed to the back, I yelled, “Merry Christmas!!!!!”

And that was my act of kindness for the day.