The new village waking up to a winter wonderland.

I’m falling more and more in love with our house on the hill
, but last night, I discovered driving up to it in the snow and ice can be pretty white-knuckling! Just heard the snow plow come through the neighborhood, scraping up the ice and treating the road. Oh, winter fun!

And winter really is fun. Yesterday, my coworker from southern California was standing in awe at our office window, completely captivated by the blizzard conditions outside. Total white-out. Rapid accumulation. He never saw anything like it in person.




When we first saw this house, these two basement rooms were overstuffed with boxes and clothes. We couldn’t even open the door into the back room to view it, but I just knew there was potential here. We’ve been working since early this morning. He’s humoring my vision.

He also needs to start documenting my contributions, too, *ahem* because none of the grandkids are going to believe I ever contributed when they look back at these photos.