Karate Kid

I was so giddy today! I randomly broke out in smiles, and even wiggled in my seat throughout the work day like a kid before Christmas. Why was I so excited?

Because Jaz participated in his first karate class this afternoon.

Anyone who knows my boy knows he’s been dreaming of this day ever since he executed his first roundhouse kick in the womb. As a toddler, he was drawn to superheroes, especially Superman. All things superhero, all the time. And as he grew older, he really latched onto superheroes who use martial arts.

So I couldn’t wait to hear all about it when I got home from work this evening. Not only was he eager to tell me ALL about his first karate class, but he was so proud to show me the white belt and certificate he was given, too.

We are so excited for this new beginning for him. It was meant to be!


Unrelated: normally, the girls take public transportation to get to school, but since it’s picture day, their Dad drove them so their hair won’t get crazy.