Our Night at the Philharmoniker

The three of us snuck out for a night with the Philharmoniker. We were treated to a bit of Cherubini, Clement, and one of our faves, Beethoven.

As it goes whenever we bring Lola to events like this, she was the youngest in attendance, which meant she attracted some positive attention. Most smile approvingly, while others ask her about music, and if she liked it. As we waited for our coats, an elderly woman (early 80s, maybe) came up to us excited to see her there, telling us how important it is for young people to be there, she used to be a conductor, and her children grew up to be musicians.

When Martin told her that Lola is learning the violin and piano, she took hold of Lola’s hands and inspected them.

“Ja, those are the fingers of a musician,” she said. “Keep practicing!”

Lola was so proud!