Apologies on a Platter

I call this “Apologies on a Platter.” Alpine cheese, garlic olives, and smoked meat, served to husband with red wine for convincing him that taking all four kids with us to a home & garden convention to gather flooring and kitchen ideas would be a fun adventure.

It probably wasn’t my best idea, but I just knew we needed to get out of the house. Ever since we moved into this new place in early December, Martin and I spent nearly every available moment of free time working on the house. Unpacking. Painting. Repairing. Building. Organizing. Purging. Decorating.

We’re far from being done, but this weekend, I wanted our family to get out. Though it was still bitterly cold, the sun was out and the sky blue.

So we headed to a home and garden convention.

The children were instantly bored. We walked into the first showroom, and the wails began shortly after the second booth. Every now and then, we passed a jacuzzi or a food booth with free samples, which bought Martin and me some time to talk with some salespeople, learn about solar panels, and garden tools. But for the most part, the kids just wanted to play outside where there were some small carnival rides.

The Middles suggested this for our terrace. I like their style.

Our adventure wasn’t a total bust. Martin and I have big plans for the house, of course. It was great to actually see that most of them are possible and affordable over here in Germany.

However, I ended up pulling him away from the counterfeit Euro demonstration, and he wasn’t happy about that. We stayed for three hours, pushing thru lunch and nap time, and it was time to go.

As soon as we got home, I pulled out the olives, wine, and smoked meat we bought from some of the food vendors, and made a platter. We opened up the wine we bought in Sicily, too. The girls sat with us for a little while, stealing cubes of cheese and meat.

A nice ending to an adventurous day!