The Hair Cut

All she wanted was a pixie haircut. In the three years we’ve been here, FOUR salons refused to give her one. Her options were a straight shoulder-length bob, or a straight chin-length bob.


Martin didn’t believe me after the third salon bob cut, so HE made the reservation and explained the style at the fourth salon. We get there with the photo examples, and the stylist was so put off. “That’s an adult hairstyle. I would not give my own daughter that style. But I will cut it short for her.”

And that was Lola’s last chin-length bob.

Martin nor I could convince them to do it, even with photos of Jennifer Lawrence or other pixie cut examples. I thought maybe the stylists just didn’t know how to cut a pixie or kids hair, but it was starting to feel a little like North Korea and their single hair chart of options for men and women. 

I wasn’t about to pay for rejection and a hairstyle she didn’t want AGAIN, so I flipped on some YouTube and clipped/cut her hair myself.

I know there are experts out there who will instantly recognize my amateur skills, but this girl is sooooo happy now. Skipping, smiling, and running her hand over her neck.

“It’s so short, Mom! I won’t have any tangles! I love it so much!”

So, yeah, I nailed it.