Both Mine

One of ’em is a 9-year-old whose haircut earned a lot of compliments at school today. The other is now a 9-month-old with FOUR teeth and a ton of energy.

Both of them are all mine.

My friend Crystal wrote an encouraging note about Lola’s hair today …

The thing is, that confidence SHINES, and I just think its wonderful that you tell her to go out there, rock her hair, and strut, because someone will always say something negative (my dad still looks at my senior portrait with long hair as if he is mourning) but MOST people will find her confidence and happiness absolutely gorgeous- which is perfect because that is who she is and how she looks!

I was so nervous for her today! I had short hair as a teen, and Miss C had short hair for awhile, too, but we were both in the States. After meeting such resistance from the German hairstylists, I did worry that I was sending Lola¬†out for an equally poor reception from her peers. It was SUCH a relief to learn that wasn’t the case today. You are so right, too: even if someone did say something to Lola, she’s so confident and happy with it, she would have just clapped right back and continued on her day.