Bedtime Stories

As a working mama-to-be, I ordered this book in 2003 to read to my first baby. It became a part of our nightly ritual for years. I recorded myself reading it for my oldest to watch whenever I was away. Martin read it to her, too. We all had it memorized. And then I “counted the cars…” and pointed out stars to the Middles as they grew.

A few weeks ago, I looked for it again to read to the baby. As I searched for it, asking the older kids to help me, I learned that each of them have their own sweet memories of our evenings reading it. Then it dawned on me: four kids … one cherished book.

So I put in another order for three used, slightly-worn copies.

That way, they each will think they have the original if/when they want a bedtime story from their childhood for their own littles.

A little sneaky, but a lot of love.

Saturday afternoon cartoons.
He now speaks two languages with a lisp.

So, apparently, the tooth fairy has had some issues as she’s tried to cross multiple borders, so she’s been a little delayed getting into Germany. But TONIGHT we’re feeling super confident that she’ll finally arrive and grab up the tooth that’s been waiting under his pillow.