Hey, Lover

People have to leave their cell phones in a set of lockers by our office door, and it’s not unusual to hear a cacophony of alarms and ringtones go off throughout the day.

The other morning, however, as I walked in, all I heard was the smooth, soulful crooning of Boyz II Men as “Hey Lover” played from one of the phones. A lot of the people who come to our building are, um, older and higher-ranking, and it made me snicker to think one of ’em have this song as a ring-tone.

“Do you know that song?” I asked the baby-faced security forces soldier checking our badges. “That’s LL Cool J. You know, from the ’90s.”

The soldier shrugged, “Guess someone’s wife is calling?”

To which I was like, “Yeah! Let’s hope it’s the wife!!!!”